When You Should Push All-In When Playing Tournaments in Online Poker

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Knowing exactly when you should you push all-in when playing tournaments poker online is the key to building a very nice bankroll. The problem is that many players push at the wrong time, then wonder why they keeping falling just short of the money.


Here is a simple guide on when you should you push all-in when playing tournaments poker online;


Playing the Waiting Game Early

It can be challenging early to know when you should you push all-in when playing tournaments poker online. The reason is that you see so many people putting all the chips on the line right out of the gate. This is a strategy many use to either hit it big and double up or bust out. If they lose, they buy back in, if they win, they are the chip leader and start pushing others around until they have a huge lead that carries them to the money bubble. There are many of these players every tournament, so you have to play the waiting game and hope to catch them napping. If you have the nuts, you slow-play to the river if needed because they will eventually push all-in.


Trying to Burst a Few Bubbles

As you near the money bubble, things take a whole different tone at the online poker tables. The people with the least amount of chips are holding tight trying to break through to the money. They bet as slow as they can, and they fold every hand they get. The key here is making sure you are isolated with a money bubble player, and push all-in to get their blinds.


Avoiding the Money Turn

Now once these players make the money, then all bets are off. They go crazy, betting all-in regardless the hand in the hopes of doubling up but not too worried about busting anymore. It is important to avoid the suck-out here, so only play your best hands here, until things have quieted down a little. Once things slow down, you will focus your attention on those with the most chips.


Trying to Trap the Chop Leader

Everyone still in the tournament knows to avoid dancing with the chip leader. That is exactly why you go after them. The chip leader will keep pushing the action, even when they have trash because they know everyone will fold. If you can get a hand and catch the flop, you can slow-play until the chip leader pushes the action. Think about it, then go all-in. They will not appreciate you pushing, but they aren’t stupid either, and will fold in order to keep their lead over the rest of the table. Do this periodically to not draw attention to your play.


Now that you are better informed with when you should you push all-in when playing tournaments poker online, try one at a time here each week. Once you get better early in the tournament, you can focus on trying to knock the chip leader off the top spot.

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